Most of the Best being put to the test! We got into the seedstock business in a unique way. We are a feed yard focused family and we have fed thousands of Rishel sired feeder cattle and when we had the opportunity to acquire the cow herd from Bill and Barb Rishel in 2017, we jumped at the opportunity to continue the legacy of high gaining and high marbling genetics and meeting customers that we could buy back their calf crop and feed through our family feedlot here in North Platte, Nebraska.

From there, the TD Feed Test was born. This is a first of its kind cattle feed test where customers can enter their calf crop into an elite and unique test, and we award $25,000 in cash prizes to loyal customers in five different categories. This has created accountability all along the supply chain where we practice what we preach and stand behind our program like never before.



$25,000 in cash prizes and champion buckles awarded at the start of our annual bull sale with $5,000 awarded to winners in each category (Average Daily Gain, Feed Conversion/Efficiency, Highest Yield, Highest Prime Percentage, Highest Percentage of CAB). The test will take place at Cow Camp Feedlot at Olson Farms in Hershey, Nebraska. Test timeline: March 18, 2023- March 15, 2024. Cattle will be consigned in load lots of 50+ and need to be weaned.



TD Angus offers three options to consign your cattle to the feed test. Contact us with any questions or concerns..

Customer retains ownership
50/50 partnership with TD Angus/Olson Farms
Customer sells cattle to TD Angus/Olson Farms



Whiskey Creek Cattle Co - Feed Conversion-Efficiency Winner
LAP Farms - Highest CAB Percentage Winner
LAP Farms - Highest Yield Winner
Tom Walz - Average Daily Gain Winner
DeGering Livestock - Highest Prime % Winner

Most of the Best being put to the test!

Calf Buyback Program

As the seedstock producer, we believe our job does not end when the bull leaves the ranch. We recognize and appreciate this genetic value the genetics and know how they can perform in the feed yard, especially on the grid evaluation. Our commitment to our customers continues from the pasture to the plate. We encourage our customers to contact us at any time when they decide to market their calf crop so we can assist as representatives or as potential buyers. There is no fee or any hidden commissions to enter this program and we don’t need to run them through a chute or put a special tag in their ear to estimate or understand their value. At any weight or at any time of the year, we are continually looking for cattle that fulfill the “most of the best” in the feed yard or as replacement heifers. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Also, our family were founding members of the first producer owned beef packing plant to be built in the last 30 years in our hometown of North Platte, Nebraska called Sustainable Beef. With a 2025 completion date, we are excited to offer our customers even more opportunity to play a part in an invaluable supply chain with all sectors working towards the common goal of a ranch to table experience with a truly conception to consumer model like never before.



Bootheel 7 Wins 2022 CAB Commercial Commitment to Excellence

Congratulations to long-time TD Angus customers, Bootheel 7 Livestock on being awarded the 2022 Certified Angus Beef (CAB) Commercial Commitment to Excellence Award.  They earned it with big wins in their herd’s maternal and marbling scorecards. 

The Bootheel 7 steers handily won the TD Angus Feed Test “Highest CAB Percentage” category two years in a row with pens at 64% and 65% CAB and 100% Choice or higher. They topped the Percentage Prime category, too. We are proud to know and work with these excellent producers!


A customer is the most important person in any business.
A customer is not dependent on us. We are dependent on them. A customer is not an interruption of our work. They are the purpose of it.
A customer does us a favor when then come in. We are not doing them a favor by serving them. A customer is a part of our business. Not an outsider.
A customer is not just money in the cash register. They are human beings with feelings, like our own. A customer is a person who comes to us with their needs and wants. It is our job to fulfill them.
A customer deserves the most attention we can give.
They are the lifeblood of every business. They pay our salary. Without them, we would have to close our doors.