Welcome to TD Angus in North Platte, Nebraska. TD Angus is owned by Trey and Dayna Wasserburger and their four children (Westyn, Gentry, Gwyn and Wacey), formerly Rishel Ranch. We purchased the historic 45-year-old perennial Angus ranch from Bill and Barb Rishel in 2017. We are an innovative and progressive seedstock operation that values hard working cattle with unmatched customer service. Check out our value added programs such as calf buyback, TD Feed Test, and custom AI breeding services. Thank you for your interest in TD Angus!



TD Angus holds an annual bull sale on the third Friday in March where we sell 400+ Angus bulls, large groups of commerical females, and ranch geldings. We continue to focus on adding more selection for the commercial cattleman, who is the backbone of this disciplined cow herd. Our ET program continues to grow, which is a unique and rare opportunity for customers to sort through the front end of our cow herd and make their genetic selection. 



TD Angus, formerly Rishel Ranch, is home and birthplace to some of the most historic and generational bulls in the breed. Herd sires like New Design 036, New Frontier 095 and Ambush 28 are the foundation to this 45-year-old cow herd that is meticulously bred to some of the breeds curve bending genetics sires like the $525,000 T/D Doc Ryan. Our goal is to create elite feeder cattle that have a shot at hitting prime grade while still producing sustainably, long lasting females.



We got into seedstock in a unique way. We are a feed yard focused family and  jumped at the opportunity to continue the legacy the Rishel's had built of high gaining and high marbling genetics. We believed enough in these genetics that we buy back calves through our family feedlot here in North Platte, Nebraska. We also created the TD Feed Test, where customers can enter their calf crop into an unique test where we award $25,000 in cash prizes to loyal customers in 5 categories.


Our program is not been geared to what is perceived as “Right for the Times,” but rather what we believe is right for the cattle business “Regardless of the Times.”

The Story Behind the Mantra #MostoftheBest

We often get asked by customers about our mantra, the “most of the best” and the story behind it. When we purchased the Rishel herd, we had not owned a registered female before, all our experience as in the commercial cow/calf sector and feedlot industry. We were torn between evaluating cattle based on their phenotype and genotype/EPDs.

One day we were sorting replacement heifers in the alley, and we asked Bill Rishel how we go about this with all the pedigrees and data available and keep them structurally and fundamentally correct and he simply stated, “Make her have most of the best.” It has been by far the most profound and impactful statement we have ever been told and covers all aspects of life as well.

These cattle look, act and perform the way they do because with that statement is how they’ve been bred and designed for 50+ years in the making. “Most of the Best” is not a factual statement. It is a pledge to at strategic and disciplined breeding program that puts it all together with phenotype and genotype. It is not a statement of who and where we are, but indeed a statement of where we are going. It is a journey, not a destination. Welcome to a journey to be and provide the “most of the best” where you, our customer, is where this program will be tested.