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Join us Monday, March 19 at the ranch for our TD Angus at Rishel Ranch Next Generation Herd Sire and Foundation Female Sale. We have an exciting offering of bulls and females with time-tested genetics that are proven to be profitable for our customers.

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Sunday, March 18 (all times CDT)

Cattle Viewing

Monday, March 19

8 a.m. – Cattle Viewing

11 a.m. – Complimentary Lunch

12:30 p.m. – Bull Sale

Sale to be broadcast on DVAuction

View videos of each sale bull by clicking on the lot number below.

Fall Bulls

Lot 1Lot 3Lot 4Lot 5Lot 6Lot 7Lot 8Lot 9Lot 10
Lot 11Lot 12Lot 13Lot 14Lot 15Lot 16Lot 18Lot 19Lot 20
Lot 21Lot 22Lot 23Lot 24Lot 25Lot 26Lot 27Lot 28Lot 31
Lot 32Lot 33Lot 34Lot 36Lot 37

Yearling Bulls

Lot 60Lot 61Lot 62Lot 63Lot 64Lot 65Lot 66Lot 67Lot 68
Lot 69Lot 70Lot 71Lot 72Lot 73Lot 74Lot 76Lot 77Lot 78
 Lot 80Lot 81Lot 82Lot 83Lot 84Lot 85Lot 86Lot 87Lot 88
Lot 92Lot 93Lot 94Lot 95Lot 96Lot 97Lot 98Lot 99Lot 100
Lot 102Lot 103Lot 104Lot 105Lot 106Lot 107Lot 108Lot 109Lot 110
Lot 111Lot 112Lot 114Lot 115Lot 116Lot 117Lot 118Lot 119Lot 120
Lot 121Lot 122Lot 123Lot 124Lot 125Lot 126Lot 127Lot 128Lot 129
Lot 130Lot 131Lot 132Lot 133Lot 134Lot 135Lot 136Lot 137Lot 138
Lot 139Lot 140Lot 141 Lot 142 Lot 143 Lot 144 Lot 145 Lot 147  Lot 148
Lot 149Lot 150

Yearling Heifers

Lot 73Lot 74Lot 712Lot 717Lot 723Lot 731Lot 736Lot 738Lot 749
Lot 757Lot 760Lot 765Lot 782Lot 785Lot 787Lot 795Lot 7110Lot 7121
Lot 7125Lot 7128Lot 7140Lot 7144

Fall Bred Heifers

Lot 6204Lot 6206Lot 6233Lot 6238Lot 6269Lot 6270