Rishel Angus sale day

For Sale

2018 Next Generation Herd Sire and Female Sale

Monday, March 19th, 2018


  • Genomic enhanced EPD’s
  • Ultrasound enhanced EPD’s
  • Fertility tested
  • Emphasis on docility
  • Emphasis on heifer pregnancy
  • Emphasis on feed efficiency, RADG and DMI
  • High percentage bulls to use with confidence on virgin heifers
  • Optimum growth to make 1450# – 1475# steers at harvest
  • Marbling and rib eye EPD’s that have helped our customers hit the target for major premiums on value added programs
  • Our bulls and females are living proof that you can have breed-leading, balanced trait genetics in long-bodied, structurally sound, durable cattle that combine maternal efficiency with growth and carcass merit