Next Generation Herd Sires

B/R Nationwide 69 : 18449917, TD Angus Cattle

B/R Nationwide 69 : 18449917

  • $110,000 top selling bull to some of the nation’s top programs, including Knox Bros. (San Angelo, Texas), Express Ranches (Yukon, Okla.), Hoffman Ranch (Thedford, Neb.), Petersen Angus (Alcester, S.D.), Teixeira Cattle Co. (Pismo Beach, Calif.), Doug Booth Family (Torrington, Wyo.) and Rancho Casino and DalPorto Angus (Denair and Oakley, Calif.)
  • Top selling flush sister sold for $60,000 Flush sister sold to Knox Bros., San Angelo, Texas.
  • A maternal brother, B/R In Focus 636, sold for $16,000 to Watkins Angus, Claude, Texas.
B/R Compadre 5201, TD Angus Cattle

B/R Compadre 5201: 18271175

  • Sold as Lot 5 at $22,500 to ABS Global, De Forest, Wis.
  • His granddam was the donor dam of Lots 35, 36, 37 and 38 Comrades in 2016 to Doug Snyder ($8,000), Knox Bros ($18,000), Mark Rose ($15,000) and Tom Beal ($16,000). Other sons were featured in 2015 as Lots 96, 97 and 98, selling to Elwood Ranch ($12,500), Tom Walz ($10,250) and Bar T Bar and Quarter Circle H ($13,500).
  • The third cow in this bull’s pedigree is the mother of the Larry Rice-bred bull SCR Right Cross 70024, the Rishel Angus and Accelerated Genetics sire.
Cat D13 flip

Spring Cove TL Cat D13 : 18582235

  • “Cat” is a new herd sire in the TD Angus program and was selected as the $44,500 top-selling bull in the 2017 Spring Cove and Triple L Sale.
  • A descendant of Basin Payweight 1682, he comes from a cow that is double-bred to the great Ruby of Tiffany family from the TD Angus program.
  • True to our desire for balanced trait genetics, “Cat” has 17 EPDs and $ Values in the top 35% of the Angus breed.
  • He is a phenomenal, athletic individual with great libido and produces volumes of very high-quality semen.
  • The first calves have hit the ground this spring out of first-calf heifers and we are pleased with their length of body and stout structure. “Cat” has been a favorite among visiting cattlemen across the country throughout the year and was used widely in many storied commercial programs.
PA Full Power 5497 : 18209815, TD Angus Cattle

PA Full Power 5497 : 18209815

  • Sired by the $17,500 PA Full Power 1208, who exhibits great balance in his progeny that excel in disposition, volume, length and carcass merit.
  • The dam of 5497 is one of the all-time great daughters of B/R Ambush 28. Before going into the ET program, she posted progeny records of 4BR@100, 4WR@100, 3YR@103, 8IMF@111 and 8RE@109.
  • With moderate calving ease, plenty of growth and exceptional carcass merit, we expect 5497 to have a very positive impact on our program and deliver similar value to our customers through his progeny.
Tex Playbook 5437: 18414912, TD Angus Cattle

Tex Playbook 5437: 18414912

  • Owned with Teixeira Cattle Co., Pismo Beach, Calif.; Deer Valley Farm, Fayetteville, Tenn.; Valley Oak Angus, Oak Grove, Mo.; Crazy K Ranch, Michie, Tenn.; Black Gold Genetics, Robinson, Ill.;Spruce Mountain Ranch, Larkspur, Colo.
  • Sired by Basin Payweight 1682, “Playbook” is a phenotypic and EPD profile masterpiece.
  • His dam is a powerful daughter of Summitcrest Complete 1P55.
  • His grandam is a direct daughter of the multi-million dollar producing Rita 5F56.
  • Maternal siblings to Rita 9M26 include the $50,000 Rito 9M25, the $140,000 Rita 9Q15 and the breed leading $B sire 9Q13 to name a few.
  • Semen can be ordered through Teixeira Cattle Co. John Teixeira: 805-595-1416.
  • See Tex Playbook 5437 in motion.
GAR Phenom 7953

GAR Phenom 7953: 17623634

  • Owned with Teixeira Cattle Co., Pismo Beach, Calif.; and Gardiner Angus Ranch, Ashland, Kan.
  • Sensational bull from the 2015 Spring Gardiner Angus offering.
  • Dam is the $425,000 record-selling GAR female and the featured donor in the Deer Valley Program in Tennessee.
  • Top-selling $25,000 bull at the 2014 GAR Sale is a maternal sib.
  • Top-selling $50,000 bull at the 2015 Fall GAR Sale is a maternal sib.
  • Full sister to Phenom’s dam was a $90,000 feature in the 2015 Spring GAR Sale.
  • Two maternal sib heifer calves featured as Lot 1A and 1B in the 2015 Deer Valley Sale. Both sold for $90,000 (1/2 interest).
  • First calves have arrived. All unassisted out of first-calf heifers and cows with birth weights 76 to 80 lb. They have exceptional vigor at birth.
  • See Phenom in motion.
B/R Destination 928-630: 15343112, TD Angus Cattle

B/R Destination 928-630: 15343112

  • Owned with Quaker Hill Farms, Va; Boddicker Inc., Va; and ABS Global.
  • Proving to be one of the unique EPD profile sires of the breed.
  • Superb calving ease and growth combination.
  • Sired the $15,000 Lot 49 bull to Weiderstein Pure Angus in 2013.
  • Outstanding disposition.
  • Yearling sons averaged $9,910 in our 2013 sale.
  • Featured in Spring 2016 Angus Alliance Sire Evaluation by ABS. View here.
B/R Destination 928-123: 16950149, TD Angus Cattle

B/R Destination 928-123: 16950149

  • Owned with Jim Michels, Iowa, and Jim Wurdeman, Neb.
  • Sold for $20,000 at the 2012 Rishel Angus Bull Sale.
  • Extremely powerful individual that we brought back to use naturally on our fall calving cows.
  • Gain ratio of 119, an IMF ratio of 107 and a Ribeye ratio of 112.
  • His young mother became a Pathfinder cow with 3 NR at 108 and 3 YR at 108.
Spring Cove TL Warrior 2058: 17373088, TD Angus Cattle

Spring Cove TL Warrior 2058: 17373088

  • Owned with Spring Cove Ranch, Idaho and Triple L LLC, Idaho.
  • Purchased this prospect in the spring of 2013.
  • Pedigree is stacked with calving ease, growth, marbling, ribeye and $B value.
  • Seeing service in our 2013 spring and fall breeding program.
  • See Spring Cove TL Warrior 2058 in motion.
B/R Rito 3216: 17619288, TD Angus Cattle

B/R Rito 3216: 17619288

  • Owned with Watkins Angus, Claude, Texas; Silveira Bros, Firebaugh, Calif.; Bieroth Ranch, Mountain City, Nev.; and Agri Beef, Boise, Idaho.
  • The very popular $30,000 Lot 1 bull at the 2015 Rishel Angus Bull Sale.
  • Out of a first-calf heifer, his dam is a full sister to B/R Destination 928-7222 and a maternal sister to B/R New Day 454.
  • Outstanding docility with breed leading WW, YW, CW.
  • Excellent $values.
  • Well-balanced, long-bodied, wide-based and athletic.
  • First calves have come easy, with great vigor and grow rapidly.
B/R Consensus 219: 17189849, TD Angus Cattle

B/R Consensus 219: 17189849

  • Powerful son of Connealy Consensus 7229.
  • He had a 205 day adj. 837 (116) and 365 day adj. 1362 (111).
  • Great docility, heifer pregnancy, marbling and superior $W and $F.
  • Eight maternal sisters to this sire have been retained and four of them are full sisters.
  • Three powerful full brothers sold for $12,500, $11,000 and $11,000 in 2014.
B/R Comrade 49: 17806109, TD Angus Cattle

B/R Comrade 49: 17806109

  • Owned with Spring Cove Ranch, Bliss, ID; Triple L LLC, Twin Falls, Idaho.
  • Very popular $34,000 top-selling bull at 2015 Rishel Angus Bull Sale.
  • Full brothers sold for $12,500 and $8,000 to Tom Beal, $12,000 to Doug Snyder, $10,000 to Jim Vinton.
  • Full sister sold for $9,000 to Hunt and Hunt as a featured female in 2015.
  • The dam of “49” is also the mother of B/R Destination 7222-1148, the Lot 1 bull in our 2013 Bull Sale. She is a very high volume female with a massive rib shape.
B/R Destination 123-4210: 17953399, TD Angus Cattle

B/R Destination 123-4210: 17953399

  • Outstanding young bull that was used on Rishel Angus fall heifers in the fall of 2015.
  • EPDs and dollar values are extremely good and show exceptional balance.
  • His %IMF of 5.80 (126) and RE of 14.4 (112) along with his excellent genomics give him a Mb EPD of +1.14 (3%) and a REPD of +.78 (15%) and $G of +47.84 (15%).
  • Dam’s production record shows 3BR-98, 3NR-109, 2YR-107. She has a calving interval on three calves of 348 days.
B/R Destination 928-7222: 15717658, TD Angus Cattle

B/R Destination 928-7222: 15717658

  • Owned with Watkins Angus Ranch, Texas.
  • Ranks in the top tier of sires in the Main Sire Summary for $B.
  • Combines the blood of two LEGACY SIRES, B/R Destination 727-928 and B/R New Design 323.
  • Maternal brother to the LEGACY SIRE B/R New Day 454.
  • Zoetis Genomic Percentile: 4% HP, 9% Docility, 1% CW, 10% Mb and 3% RE.
  • Yearling sons averaged $7,500 in our 2013 sale.
TEX Ambush 9106: 16647262, TD Angus

TEX Ambush 9106: 16647262

  • Purchased from Bar CK Cattle Co., Oregon, and Teixeira Cattle Co., California.
  • Moderate frame, high retail product and superior calving ease son of B/R Ambush 28.
  • Maternal brother sold in the 2013 Springfield Angus sale for $27,000.
  • Three generations of dynamic females on both sides of his pedigree.
  • We think he has tremendous upside.
B/R New Day 454-341: 17510389, TD Angus Cattle

B/R New Day 454-341: 17510389

  • Top selling bull in 2014 Rishel Angus Bull Sale to Peterson Angus, Alcester, S.D. for $25,000.
  • Out of a two-year-old first calf heifer. His dam has since been added to the Rishel Angus donor program and will be flushed in the spring of 2015.
  • He will be collected in the fall of 2014.
  • Recommended for heifers but loaded with genetics to fit the feedlot and build a cow herd.
  • In 2012, three full brothers to his dam averaged $17,833.
  • See B/R New Day 454-341 in motion.
No photo available

B/R New Day 454-109: 16707364

  • Owned with BoPat Farms, Tennessee.
  • Three generations of LEGACY SIRES in his pedigree.
  • He sold for $10,000 in our 2011 bull sale.
  • Tremendous maternal value with his dam’s record of: 8 BWR@91, 8 WR@103, 8 YR@101.
  • One of the top proven calving ease sons of B/R New Day 454.
B/R New Day 454-142: 16950672, TD Angus Cattle

B/R New Day 454-142: 16950672

  • Owned with Kayre Angus Ranch, Nebraska.
  • Sold for $11,500 in our 2012 sale.
  • Dam is one of the best producing young females in our program.
  • We recently sold his grandam for $15,000 at private treaty.
  • Maternal sister to his mother sold for $10,500 in the 2012 National Western Foundation Female Sale and a maternal brother to his mother sold for $9,000 in 2011.
  • A full brother was our top selling bull in 2013.
B/R New Frontier 095-16: 16949420, TD Angus Cattle

B/R New Frontier 095-16: 16949420

  • Owned with Gary and Linda McPherson, Oklahoma.
  • Our topselling bull at $29,500 in 2012.
  • Truly phenotype beyond the ordinary.
  • Three generations of legendary cows and his dam a powerful donor for us.
  • Grandam is the mother of B/R Destination 727, the grandam of B/R Ambush 28 and a full sister to B/R New Design 323.
B/R New Frontier 095-13: 16949418, TD Angus Cattle

B/R New Frontier 095-13: 16949418

  • Owned with Pass Creek Angus, Montana.
  • Sold for $14,000 in our 2012 sale.
  • Flush brother to the top selling bull in 2012.
  • Outstanding calving ease and low birth weight bull.
B/R New Frontier 095-18: 16949422, TD Angus Cattle

B/R New Frontier 095-18: 16949422

  • Owned with Agri Beef, Double R Ranch, Washington.
  • Sold for $10,000 in our 2012 sale.
  • Flush brother to the top selling bull in 2012.
  • Superb calving ease and extraordinary marbling EPD.
B/R New Day 454-228: 17187110, TD Angus Cattle

B/R New Day 454-228: 17187110

  • Owned with Carter Family Angus, Nebraska, and Maassen Ranch, Nebraska.
  • Our top selling bull at $24,000 in 2013.
  • Data shows him to be in the top 10% of the breed for heifer pregnancy, carcass weight, marbling and ribeye.
  • Full brother sold for $11,500 in our 2012 sale.
  • Structurally sound, very long bodied and superior across all $Values.
B/R Destination 630-240: 17187116, TD Angus

B/R Destination 630-240: 17187116

  • Owned with Weiderstein Pure Angus, Iowa.
  • Sold for $15,000 in our 2013 sale.
  • #1 Yearling Weight bull and has the credentials to be calving ease.
  • Achieved a NR@117, YR@116 and a GR@115.
  • Very Unique bull.
B/R Right Cross 253: 17187120, TD Angus Cattle

B/R Right Cross 253: 17187120

  • Owned with Araucaria Genetica Bovina, Brazil.
  • Sold for $13,000 in 2013.
  • A powerful, high performance and very big scrotal son of “Right Cross”.
  • Ranks in the Top 3% of the breed for WEPD and YEPD and still carries a very moderate BEPD.
  • Dam has produced two calves with 2 BR@100, 2 NR@103 and 2 YR@105.

Musgrave 316 Exclusive: 18130471

  • The highest $B son of popular sire LD Capitalist 316.
  • He not only has phenomenal Angus phenotype and great feet, but his EPD profile ranks him as one of the top carcass sires in the breed.