Legacy Sires

AAR New Trend, Legacy Angus Sire

AAR New Trend: 9958634

  • Purchased for $10,000 in 1981.
  • Foundation sire of the most balanced-trait cattle in the breed today.
  • Sire of outstanding females with superior maternal value.
  • The most influential sire behind the top heifer pregnancy sires in the breed.
  • ABS Global sire.
B/R New Design 036, Legacy Angus Bull

B/R New Design 036: 11418151

  • The #1 sire for registrations at AAA in 2001 and 2002.
  • The bull that does it all. He is the dominant sire of the last 25 years in Angus pedigrees in the United States and Australia.
  • A leading Pathfinder Sire that excels for disposition, outstanding females and superior carcass merit.
  • Foundation Sire of all “New Design” cattle in the breed.
  • ABS Global sire.
B/R New Design 323, Legacy Angus Sire

B/R New Design 323: 11928774

  • Set the standard for combining outstanding maternal value with superior carcass merit.
  • Daughters rank among the best uddered females of the breed.
  • Dam sold for $45,000 to Three Trees Ranch in our 2000 Female Sale.
  • He plays a dominant role in our program today.
B/R Destination 727, Legacy Angus Bull

B/R Destination 727: 12784697

  • Our $22,000 top selling bull in 1998.
  • Sire of B/R Destination 727-928, our top selling bull in 1999.
  • Sired the dams of B/R Genesis and B/R Future Direction 4268.
  • His dam is the grandam of B/R Ambush 28.
B/R New Dimension 7127, Legacy Angus Sire

B/R New Dimension 7127: 12784319

  • Sold for $13,000 to Windmill Angus Ranch in 1998.
  • Maternal brother to our Sire Alliance Winner B/R New Design 323-9150.
  • Outstanding Rib Eye and Retail Product Sire.
  • Alta Genetics and Genex sire.
B/ R New Design 323-8212, Legacy Angus Bull

B/R New Design 323-8212: 13043866

  • Outstanding calving ease and superior carcass merit.
  • Top 10% of the breed for $B—even 15 years after his birth.
  • A major sire in the Proven Sires Program at Hays, Kan.
  • Proven Sires
B/R New Design 323-9150, Legacy Angus Sire

B/R New Design 323-9150: 13286230

  • 2002 Sire Alliance Winner.
  • Ranks #12 for calving ease direct in the main sire summary and is the highest Marbling Sire of the top 12 sires.
  • Maternal brother to B/R New Dimension 7127.
  • ABS Global sire.
B/R Destination 727-928, Legacy Angus Bull

B/R Destination 727-928: 13286246

  • Sold for $20,000 to ABS Global and Maassen Bros. in 2000.
  • Dam is a maternal sister to B/R New Design 036.
  • One of the best bulls we have raised and one of the best bulls we have used in our breeding program in 40 years.
  • Among a small number of proven sires that excel for both $W and $B.
  • Beautiful, high-performing daughters have earned him a Top 1% $W index and a positive $EN value.
  • An elite standout for Heifer Pregnancy and Docility EPDs.
  • Breed leader for marbling, tenderness genetics and Beef Value.
  • Truly a Balance Trait Superstar.
  • ABS Global sire.
B/R New Frontier 095, Legacy Angus Sire

B/R New Frontier 095: 13588640

  • Our top selling bull in 2001 for $23,000 to Accelerated Genetics and Whitestone Farms.
  • All time semen sales leader at Accelerated Genetics.
  • #1 in semen sales at Accelerated Genetics for three consecutive years.
  • #1 sire for registrations in Australia 2005-2006.
  • Sired our top selling bull in 2012 for $29,500 to Gary and Linda McPherson, Oklahoma.
  • Recognized throughout the breed for fantastic females with superb udders and great dispositions.
  • Breed leader for Heifer Pregnancy EPD.
  • Accelerated Genetics sire.
B/R Ambush 28, Legacy Angus Bull

B/R Ambush 28: 14188956

  • He continues to be in the top 15 sires of the Main Sire Summary for $B.
  • Without question one of the unique carcass value sires in the breed.
  • Excels in Marbling, Ribeye, $F and $B.
  • Among the elite sires of the breed for maternal calving ease and heifer pregnancy.
  • Sired the dams of two of our top young prospects the past two years.
  • Select Sires sire.
B/R New Day 454, Legacy Angus Sire

B/R New Day 454: 14675445

  • Sold for $17,000 to Weiderstein Pure Angus in our 2005 sale.
  • Combines the power of two of our great LEGACY SIRES, AAR New Trend and B/R New Design 323.
  • A breed and industry leader for Rib Eye, Retail Product, Marbling and $Value Indexes across the board.
  • Sires moderate framed progeny with outstanding docility.
  • Daughters are the talk of the Angus industry with great udders and fantastic dispositions.
  • Select Sires sire.
B/R Future Direction 4268, Legacy Angus Bull

B/R Future Direction 4268: 14675477

  • Purchased by Proven Sires in our 2005 Next Generation Herd Sire Sale.
  • Dam is sired by the LEGACY SIRE B/R Destination 727.
  • Breed leader for growth and outstanding carcass merit.
  • Sired the $15,000 top-selling heifer, B/R Kildonan Erica 9805 in the 2011 National Western Foundation Female Sale to Hollman Angus and Jindra Angus of Nebraska.
  • Accelerated Genetics sire.
SCR Right Cross 70024, Legacy Angus Sire

SCR Right Cross 70024: 15836708

  • Superior performance and outstanding carcass merit and is a breed leader for superior $Values across the board.
  • Sired the $13,000 B/R Right Cross 253 that sold to Araucaria Genetica Bovina in Brazil in 2013.
  • We also acquired his dam and she has been a member of our donor program.
  • Accelerated Genetics sire.