Our Values

TD Angus Core Values:

  • We make fertility and reproduction our No. 1 performance trait.
  • We strive to select for fertility, milk, structural correctness, easy-fleshing ability, longevity and growth.
  • We practice and believe it to be true that breeding by artificial insemination to the hottest bull of the year is not a program.
  • There are major differences in ribeye and marbling ability, but we are not looking to produce the maximum for either trait. Rather, our objective is to eliminate sires that don’t produce a product that is acceptable to the industry.
  • We continue to evaluate all traits in our selection of sires, not just a single trait, and attempt to have a balance of traits that work together and not against each other.
  • Durability and longevity top the list of economic factors that affect the bottom line of our customers.
  • We select cattle with superior economic traits and few management problems.
  • Our goal is to produce cattle that are efficient and profitable for our customers